Some of the Best Electronic Drum Amplifiers

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There are a ton of different amplifiers available for just about any instrument, but it can be difficult to know if what you are looking at is right for your needs. When I was researching amplifiers it was hard to tell which ones were for regular instruments and which were for digital. Likewise it was hard to tell which ones were for electronic drum sets and which were not. This is super common when it comes to finding the right electronic drum amplifier to get the most out of your electronic drum kit. There are many that will cover the basics of your needs, but to ensure that you are getting the best one for the job, take a look at the list I have put together here. I hope it helps!

Guide to the Best Electroninc Drum Amplifiers

Product Speaker Size (in) Weight (lbs) Sound Quality Watts Rating Price
KAT Percussion 200
Simmons DA200S
Roland PM-10
Kustom Amps KDA50

Simmons DA200S Electronic Drum Set Monitor

Best electronic drum amplifierThe Simmons DA200S is a really nice amplifier for electronic drum sets. The sound is amazing and the clarity cannot be beat, even at high volume levels. The highs come out crystal clear, making the high hats and cymbals sound great.

The internal subwoofer gives the bass drum great sound and depth as well and is great for the deep sounds produced by an electronic drum machine. This amplifier also has the ability to be used with a computer or an mp3 player making it very versatile.

The ribbed handle is great for when you need to transport it too. Take a look at what other awesome things the Simmons DA200S Electronic Drum Set Monitor can do:

  • Easy touch knobs that are adjustable by hand or drumstick
  • Conveniently ribbed handle for easy transport
  • Protective, durable carpet covering amp to keep it in good condition
  • High frequency tweeters for cymbal precision
  • High intensity midrange speakers for dynamic mid-frequency response
  • Heavy Duty internal 12″ Down-firing subwoofer for heightened bass pick up
  • Long-lasting steel grille
  • Slot port for greater cabinet with proficiency and bottom-end projection

Roland PM-10 Personal Monitor Amplifier

The Roland PM-10 is a pretty nice drum amplifier for the price. Overall the amplifier has great sound and clear quality at low to mid-level volumes, but there is a little distorting at higher volumes. It does give great balance of drum sounds, especially since you can customize the bass and treble EQ knobs and definitely makes up for the fuzzy sound at higher volumes.

This amp sounds its best when used with a bass drum and has a bit of a response issue when it comes to snare sounds. This amp too has a large handle to make moving it easier. The Roland PM-10 Personal Monitor Drum Amplifier may not be as fancy as some of the other electronic drums available, but it still has lots to offer:

  • Big sound in a small package; 30W, 10” 2 way coaxial speaker
  • Designed specifically for electronic percussion
  • Dedicated EQ section; special V-drums input
  • Large handle makes it easy to transport
  • Multiple inputs, plus mix input for incorporating other audio sources

Kustom Amps KDA50 50-Watt Electronic Drum Amplifier

The Kustom Amps KDA 50 Watt Drum Amplifier is a really nice and portable amplifier with a great price point to boot. It is a very simple amplifier, but it packs a serious punch. The amp is very easy to set up and use pretty much right out of the box.  The sound is fantastic and so crisply clear even when using headphones.

There is great amplification quality and it is able to be turned up loud enough to drown out any drumstick sounds. A major plus is that this amp is virtually tailor made just for electronic drum kits, so there really isn’t anything that you can’t do with this amplifier. There aren’t many bells and whistles to accompany the Kustom Amps KDA 50 50 Watt Electronic Drum Amplifier, but there are just the right capabilities that deserve a quick look:

  • ¼” jack for mp3 and audio input
  • ¼” jack headphone input, ideal for silent practice
  • Outstanding projection and clarity of sound
  • Built sturdy and resilient to take on the road

KAT Percussion 200 Watt Amplifier

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B00BAYNOC6″ cloaking=”default” height=”160″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”ragtimedigital-20″ width=”158″]OSP AP30 Drum Amplifier Monitor [/easyazon_image]The KAT Percussion 200 Watt Amplifier is another great buy for the reasonable price and awesome capabilities.

It was built to deliver top notch electronic drum sounds since the unit itself and its speakers were built specifically for use with digital drum sets. This amplifier plays with perfect clarity, no matter how loud you have it and allows you to shape your sound with the 3 band equalizer.

There is the added bonus of being about to plug your computer, tablet or other personal music playing device in to the 1/8” stereo output. There three ¼” inputs to plug other instruments or sound sources as well. Take a quick look at some other things the KAT Percussion 200 Watt Amplifier has to offer:

  • Clear and vibrant 200-watt e-drumming amplification
  • Ideally tuned for electric drum sets
  • 1″x 1″ compression driver for crisp and clear high-end
  • 3-band EQ for precise sound shaping, plus presence “Attack” control
  • 3 – 1/4″ inputs for easy hook up to computer, mp3 player or other digital instruments
  • Handily installed large carry handle for ease of transport
  • Ability to add your own music easily through input and output ports
  • XLR Line Out with isolated sound regulator for mixing or recording
  • Sturdy and durable – built for longevity

OSP AP30 Drum Amplifier Monitor

The low price of the OPS AP30 Drum Amplifier Monitor cannot be passed up if you are looking for a simple amp without frills. The 30 watts that the amplifier puts out is perfect for personal drum monitor amplification and will allow you to have a larger sound without inconveniencing those around you.

The 10” coaxial speaker delivers a full rich sound that is especially appealing for snare and bass drums from electronic drum kits. Again a feature that is really high on the list is the auxiliary input jack that allows you to plug the amplifier into your own computer, mp3 player or tablet to play your own music files. See for yourself what other handy features the OSP AP30 Drum Amplifier has to offer:

  • 2 input frequencies
  • Middle, treble  and bass controls to allows users to achieve best sound
  • 10” coaxial speaker for optimum sound
  • Auxiliary input that will allow you to plug into another device
  • Twin voice coil driver
  • Wide frequency range for more dynamic sound
  • 3 band EQ

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